Wisdom has a feminine form.

I am excited and looking forward to show during Austin Fashion Week. A fashion show for me is more than showing dresses. It allows me to transmit ideas and to show my point of view, my passion. Every choice I make tells the audience something about me.
I believe the show has to provoke some type of emotions. Positive or negative - the interpretation is up to the beholder. Everyone will have their own opinion to what they see and feel in the show, but the designer’s job is to make the audience feel something. As more strong the emotions are the more memorable will be the message.
My new capsule collection that I am presenting during Austin Fashion Week is “talking” about Women’s ability to deal with day by day society expectations of trying to be perfect . And the affect the stress and artificiality that those expectations are creating in our lives. 
I choose snake skin print as a base element in my designs as a symbol of rebirth and wisdom, some aggressive masculine elements in my design reveals the corse nature of a woman, and flowers - no comments needed. Great combination, right? I am calling it “The power of contradictions “ )))

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